Shrimp Tumis, Cauliflower with Oyster Sauce, Braised Tofu and Pork, Coconut, Pandan flavored Rice

Cooked a bunch of 小菜/ small dishes to celebrate my father-in-law’s girl friend’s birthday.



Oven fried Har Jiong Gei/ Shrimp Paste Chicken


1 Free Range Organic Chicken, rinse cavity and chicken well, pat dry with paper towels

1 tablespoon of Ground White Pepper

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

3 tablespoons of Shrimp Paste

1 tablespoon of Oyster Sauce

4 tablespoons of Lemon Juice

1 cup of Flour

3 Eggs

Ice water


Marinate chicken with white ground pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, shrimp paste, oyster sauce and lemon juice. Make a paste-like batter with the flour, eggs and ice water. Poor batter over the chicken and coat it evenly. Place a metal rack in a rectangular Pyrex dish. Spray down the rack and the dish with PAM. Place chicken on the rack and bake chicken at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour 25 minutes or until the chicken gets up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit internal temperature. Voila, this is a no mess oven fried chicken with shrimp paste.


Crockpot Burmese Pork Rib Curry


5 small Russet Potatoes peeled and cut into big chunks

1 rack of Spare Ribs cut in between bones

Lee Kum Kee Dark Soy Sauce

Meat Curry Powder

2 cans of Coconut Milk

2 cubes of Japanese Curry mix

Minced in food processor:

2 big Shallots 

2 inches of Ginger peeled

1 Garlic peeled

1 Lemon grass sliced thin diagonally before putting in food processor

9 Thai red chilli, remove seeds and stems

1 tablespoon of belacan/ Thai shrimp paste

Spray crock pot with PAM for easy cleaning later

Marinate Pork Ribs for an hour with dark soy sauce and curry powder poured enough to coat the ribs.

Shallow fry potatoes without cooking them all the way.

Brown pork ribs on both sides, place in crock pot.

Fry chilli paste that was blended in food processor till fragrant, add to the ribs and mix well.

Add potatoes to the top of the ribs.

Add two cans of coconut milk and two cubes of Japanese Curry mix

Cover crock pot and cook on low for 6.5 hours.

Voila, you have curry now!


Sambal Petai, Belacan Shrimp Balls, Hainanese Chicken

I cooked these dishes for dinner for the rest of the week this Sunday afternoon. The sambal petai has shallots, garlic, dried shrimp flakes, western anchovies and Shiracha sambal olek in it. The petai were split into half to check for worms. The hubs didn’t find it appetizing anymore after he has seen the ones with worms which we discarded. He likes petai with beer so I surprised him with a can of Premium Sapporo from the Asian store. The recipes for Belacan shrimp balls and Hainanese chicken are available under the search engine on my webpage. The Hainanese chicken is a little overdone this time but I like my chicken more done than raw. Have a great week ahead everyone!


Zuchinni, Chicken Soup flavored by a Ham Bone, Dried Scallops and Dried Octopus

Thanks to a church sister-in-Christ for giving me these wonderful zuchinnis, I made this wholesome soup this morning using the 10, 10, 45 minutes concept like cooking poached Hainanese Chicken. I added boiling water to the soup, enough to submerge all the ingredients then bring the soup to a boil, boil it for 10 minutes, then simmer in between low and medium heat for 10 minutes then turn of the heat and let everything keep cooking on its own for 45 minutes, all this while with the lid covered. I used 10 organic chicken drumsticks for better flavor. Voila, we have soup for dinner and many more meals. 


Bacon Waffle

The hubs made these waffles with bacon bits that he pre-cooked last Sunday. He used pancake mix and added a bunch of oil to thicken it but I think waffle mix would have been better. The best part is he added bacon grease to the batter. He also added cinnamon and brown sugar to caramelize the waffle. The kids chomped it down!


Bloody Mary

This is my version of a virgin Bloody Mary. 

I gave it a shot of lemon juice, a shot of lime juice, twenty drops of tobasco sauce, V8, three drops of Maggi soy sauce and a dash of ground black pepper. Voila, add a shot of vodka if you like but it is too early in the morning for me to have boost. 



Fried Omellette with Jumbo Peeled Shrimp, Yellow Zuchinni, Green Onion and Tomatoes; Stir fry Bitter Gourd with Pork Tenderloin; and Stir fry Yellow Beans with Sliced Bacon 鸡蛋炒虾仁,西胡户,青葱及西红柿;古瓜炒猪肉片与四季豆炒咸肉

It was a major feat cooking three dishes yesterday after watching the kids ten hours a day for a whole week. Luckily, I already had all the veggies precut the day before so I was only left with the cutting of the pork tenderloin and bacon after getting my son from his nap.

The egg omelette and shrimp were seasoned with fish sauce, sesame seed oil, white ground pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. The pork tenderloin was seasoned with dark soy sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, white ground pepper and soy sauce paste. It was stewed with the bitter gourd for a short while on low heat after being stir fried by itself with some chopped garlic till cooked most of the way. I would have used some salted black beans for the bitter gourd had my jar of salted black beans not gone bad. 

The yellow beans were given to us at a church fellowship by a brother in Christ who planted them in his backyard. My daughter was happily plucking yellow beans for everybody. The yellow beans were a hybrid of green beans and they taste amazing. I got the idea of using bacon to fry with yellow beans from a recent TV show. It was the easiest of all three dishes. Phew, got them all done by the time the hubs got home last night. Have a great weekend everybody!


Braised Pork Belly with Bean Paste, Red Fermented Tofu and Red Glutinous Rice 红烧三辰肉加甜面浆,南乳和红糯米

Pictures speak a thousand words. I will let my pictures do most of the talking. This dish is inspired by one of the top Cantonese cuisine chef in Japan who used red glutinous rice with pork belly when challenging the iron chef. I used a little oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, garlic powder, onion powder and ground white pepper to season the pork belly before browning them. The seasoning I added to the crock pot include red fermented tofu and sweet bean paste that was stir fry in the oil used to brown the pork, dry sherry, Shaoxing rice wine, ginger powder, green onion, rock sugar and red glutinous rice. Hope you enjoy this as much as we did.


Sardines with Tomatoes and Onions

This is a dish that my mom used to make for us growing up. Using Ayam Brand canned sardines, I stir-fry some sliced yellow onions with some peanut oil and sesame seed oil, then I add the tomato sauce from the cans, a generous dollop of ketchup, dark soy sauce and lightly sautéed the tomatoes. I used tomatoes on vines for their sweet flavor. Next, I added the condiment I made with the sardines and heat them up in the microwave for a few minutes. I also added some dried parsley to garnish the dish. The aroma of the sardines though strong brings back memories of home in South East Asia. I brought this dish to a very dear friend’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration. It was very kind of her and her husband to have us over. We had such a good time and had various yummy Indonesian food.