Sambal Petai, Belacan Shrimp Balls, Hainanese Chicken

I cooked these dishes for dinner for the rest of the week this Sunday afternoon. The sambal petai has shallots, garlic, dried shrimp flakes, western anchovies and Shiracha sambal olek in it. The petai were split into half to check for worms. The hubs didn’t find it appetizing anymore after he has seen the ones with worms which we discarded. He likes petai with beer so I surprised him with a can of Premium Sapporo from the Asian store. The recipes for Belacan shrimp balls and Hainanese chicken are available under the search engine on my webpage. The Hainanese chicken is a little overdone this time but I like my chicken more done than raw. Have a great week ahead everyone!



Singaporean Alumni Dinner at our house

It was with great pleasure that we got to cook for a group of Singaporean Alumni from my university. Among the food delights are hainanese chicken and rice, beef with yu choy, shrimp balls (two of the ladies helped cut the shrimp painstakingly), sambal catfish, cucumber and tomato salad with basil. Also yummy pandan cake, Malibu coconut rum cake, brownies, strawberry shortcake and several different wine contributed by friends. Such a great honor to have the alumni over to our house. We had a fabulous time.  Hope to see them again.