Black Fried Rice

White fried rice is seasoned with salt and other spices while Black fried rice is seasoned with dark soy sauce. Black fried rice is how my mom would made her fried rice growing up. This is my Yangzhou fried rice with dark soy sauce, green onion, shallots, cubed Chinese spam, corn kernels, broccoli stems, fried egg and shrimp. I fried each ingredient separately starting with eggs, then the spam, then the shallots and the shrimp etc. Hope you enjoy this Sunday dish of mine.



Fried Rice

There is nothing like some good old fried rice with shrimp, spam, broccoli stems, peas, corn and egg. The ingredients are fried separately and seasoned with shallots, garlic powder, onion powder, white ground pepper and Maggi soy sauce. Maggi soy sauce is my ultimate fried rice seasoning! Rubbing tummy!


Braised Spaghetti Noodles ε€ι’

I was craving for some braised noodles and had to make this. I saved the water from boiling the spaghetti and added some braised pig’s shank gravy from the braised pig’s shank that I made last night, more dark soy sauce, more black vinegar, corn starch slurry, a cube of chicken bouillon and two beaten eggs. I am going to use the leftover broth for sweet and sour soup. It’s a great Sunday brunch. Have a beautiful Sunday!




Halloween Kuih Lapis

Lapis is a Nonya sweet, sticky cake made out of mainly rice flour and tapioca flour. The name of this cake means nine layered cake or 九层糕 in Chinese.

Thank you Kenneth for sharing your recipe! Here is a link to Kenneth’s recipe:

I tried making the cake in black and orange layers adding Pandan paste to flavor the black layers but the orange layers were not bright enough.

The cake turned out really good though.the recipe is a real keeper!