Sambal Squid with Tomatoes and Yellow Onion

I made my mom’s Sambal squid with a twist using Korean Gochujang as seasoning. I also used tomato ketchup and lime juice. Makes a wholesome meal with Thai jasmine rice.



Shrimp Jemput or Shrimp Fritters

We made these shrimp jemputs for a Halloween pot luck party we went to.


About 1 pound of Cooked Shrimp, remove tail

2 cups of Flour

2 pints of Ice Water

1 bunch of Green Onions, chopped

4 Eggs

1 Tablespoon of Shrimp Paste


Make a batter with flour, eggs, shrimp paste, and ice water to a pasty consistency, mix well. Add chopped green onion. Use hot pot ladles, dipped in oil, then scoop batter and put one shrimp in each scoop. Then deep fry the shrimp fritter in the batter and gently ease it out. Use a deep fryer. Set deep fryer to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Deep fry each fritter for about 2 to 3 minutes. Do not ease it out of ladle till done. Make a dipping sauce with Vietnamese sweet chili sauce and chopped peanuts.


Sambal Petai, Belacan Shrimp Balls, Hainanese Chicken

I cooked these dishes for dinner for the rest of the week this Sunday afternoon. The sambal petai has shallots, garlic, dried shrimp flakes, western anchovies and Shiracha sambal olek in it. The petai were split into half to check for worms. The hubs didn’t find it appetizing anymore after he has seen the ones with worms which we discarded. He likes petai with beer so I surprised him with a can of Premium Sapporo from the Asian store. The recipes for Belacan shrimp balls and Hainanese chicken are available under the search engine on my webpage. The Hainanese chicken is a little overdone this time but I like my chicken more done than raw. Have a great week ahead everyone!


Sardines with Tomatoes and Onions

This is a dish that my mom used to make for us growing up. Using Ayam Brand canned sardines, I stir-fry some sliced yellow onions with some peanut oil and sesame seed oil, then I add the tomato sauce from the cans, a generous dollop of ketchup, dark soy sauce and lightly sautéed the tomatoes. I used tomatoes on vines for their sweet flavor. Next, I added the condiment I made with the sardines and heat them up in the microwave for a few minutes. I also added some dried parsley to garnish the dish. The aroma of the sardines though strong brings back memories of home in South East Asia. I brought this dish to a very dear friend’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration. It was very kind of her and her husband to have us over. We had such a good time and had various yummy Indonesian food.


Otak otak

I brought this dish to a friend’s anniversary dinner. It consist of minced sole petralé, minced shrimp, Thai red chili peppers, lemon grass, shallots, ginger, garlic, coconut milk, eggs, fish sauce and pandan leaves on top of it. It was baked in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for forty minutes.


Crockpot Curry Chicken, Shrimp and Okra, and Easy Steamed Siu Mai

I haven’t been too motivated to cook in the past two weeks as Singaporeans mourn the loss of our beloved founding father Mr. Lee Kwan Yew. Felt a sense of relieve after his funeral as he is finally with his wife. RIP Mr. Lee.

Here are some of the more recent food I cooked:




My simple siu mai this time round did not have bamboo shoots or black fungus. They were steamed for only ten minutes. Went well with white Thai jasmine rice. 

Not too Spicy Curry Mussels

I made a rempah/curry paste with Thai red chillies, shallots and garlic. Omitting ginger this time makes it a tat less spicy but include ginger for more flavor. Add curry powder to the rempah and fry it till fragrant with belachan/ shrimp paste. Add mussels. (Took forever to clean them, yikes!)

Simmer with the lid on till tender and cooked. Goes well with my green Pandan rice.

Bon appetite!


Tauhu Goreng/ Fried Tofu Salad

This dish is made using my mom’s special sauce:

Sesame seed oil

Heat up sauce in frying pan with two tablespoons of oil, keep stirring to prevent the sauce from getting charred. After sauce thickens, turn off the heat and dish up. Stir in black and white sesame seeds.

Other ingredients from the bottom of the foil plate:

3 blocks of Extra Firm Tofu, pan fried on both sides, let them cool down before cutting each block of tofu into small pieces. Be sure to lay paper towels on the cutting board to catch excess liquid

Chopped Tomatoes, strained (I used a jar of chopped tomatoes that was beautifully and deliciously canned by a dear friend from Portland)

Shredded English Cucumbers, strained

Cilantro for garnishing



Let’s makan!