Environmentally friendly sunglasses holder

I gently rinsed a produce carton, inverted it to dry for two days, then used it to hold all the kids’ sunglasses.

Hope you like my turquoise color sunglasses holder!


Fresh mint and vinegar

Due to how hot the weather has been and the windows being shut most of the year round, the house was reeking of a strong scent like burned candles or something. We haven’t had a chance to get the ducting clean up yet for years. I did some research online on how to get rid of smells and found that setting bowls of vinegar around the house helps. My friend had given me some yummy and nice smelling fresh mints, so I added some mint leaves to the vinegar and put out two bowls of them two days later, the smell is gone. Amen! The mint leaves have dried up and has done its job. So blessed to be given such beautiful mint by my friend.


Using Distilled Vinegar for Cleaning

Yesterday I transferred some distilled vinegar into a multi-purpose spray bottle and used the vinegar for cleaning the bathroom and the results are amazing. The chrome taps are sparkling and everything is naturally and organically disinfected. No harm done to my hands unlike manufactured cleaning agents and wipes.

Thank God for Distilled Vinegar!