Salted Turnip Egg Omellette

This is literally a 30 minute dish: 24 Eggs, 1 packet of Salted Turnip rinsed with warm water and drained, White ground pepper, Garlic powder, Onion powder, Sesame seed oil and a couple drops of Teriyaki sauce which ended up charring it. Oops! Church pot luck dish ready to go if no one minds the charred bits.



Stir-fry Long Beans with Salted Turnip and Five Spice Tofu, and Egg Mapo Tofu

The long beans looked very fresh at the Asian store the other day and I picked up some along with five spice tofu. I also got hubby’s favorite egg tofu for making Mapo tofu. The basic seasoning for both dish are shallots and chili bean paste. I used some salted soy beans for the Mapo tofu. Forgot to get green onions for the Mapo tofu. It is a nice Saturday to camp out at home making home style food for the upcoming week. Bon appetite!


Salty Porridge aka Kiam Muay

Thanks to my friend Lind for reminding me of Kiam Muay! This porridge brings back memories of kampong/ village days where my grandma would make this porridge for the family on rainy days. I improvised the porridge a little on my own using black fungus instead of shitake mushrooms since I was out of shitake mushrooms. First I stir fry the black fungus till fragrant with some dark soy sauce by itself. Next I stir fry some shallots with dried scallops/ convoy and dried shrimp. Then I cook the rice porridge and cabbage, adding ground pork and small cubes of five spiced tofu when the rice has split open and dried cuttlefish last. Finally, I stir in the black fungus, dried scallops and dried shrimp. Savoring a bowl of piping hot Kiam Muay on a cold night like that is heavenly!