Asian Turkey Meatloaf with Shitake Mushrooms

I am so behind in my postings, apologies to my followers.

Made a turkey meatloaf with chopped shitake mushrooms the other day. The picture doesn’t look so good but my hubby said it was the best meatloaf I ever made. I picked ground turkey over ground beef as it is healthier but I gave the meatloaf an Asian beef flavor by seasoning it with Oyster sauce, ground white and black pepper and a little light soy sauce. Guess you can call it a mock beef meatloaf.

Hope you like it!



Comfort food in Winter

We were all snowed in the past few days. Amidst this cold winter, there is nothing like eating warm comfort food by the fireplace, filling the house with the smell of Fried Rice with Roast Chicken topped with Tobiko and various noodle soup.

Enjoy these pictures!

Bon Appetit!








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