3 Egg Spinach Soup 

I have been wanting to make spinach soup with three different types of eggs after reading about it. I used 2 century’s eggs, 2 salted duck eggs and 2 regular eggs for making this soup. It also has ground pork balls that is mixed in with pickled dong cai, garlic powder, onion powder, ginger powder, ground white pepper, ground black pepper and 1 egg. In addition, I added a whole garlic with skin on, some red dates and Gezi/ Goji berries to enhance the flavor of the soup.  Add garlic salt and sesame seed oil to taste when the soup is done. This is a light, clear soup which adds veggies to our diet, even my six year old likes the flavor of it. It was completely gone at our church’s Friday potluck. Hubby says, “One of the best thing about Chinese food, is that it’s good at making vegetables not taste like vegetables.” Bon appetite!


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