Fish Medley Soup

I was in the mood for fish after a friend talked about going smelt fishing. I didn’t end up getting smelt but I swear I am going to fire up the deep fryer one of these days to fry some smelt in corn meal. I ended up getting a medley of three different fish for three different textures, aroma and flavors blended into one. These are the ingredients I used for my fish soup in no particular order just bring to a boil, covered, until the fish is cooked.


Sesame seed oil

1 cup of a Rice milk

Garlic Salt

Garlic powder

Onion powder

Fresh Italian Parsley

Ground black pepper

Ground white pepper


1 can of Szechuan pickled vegetables, soak for half an hour and strain

1 tablespoon of Lemon juice

2 pieces of Rockfish red snapper fillet

1 piece of True cod

2 pieces of Petralé sole fillet

7 cups of boiling water


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