Salty Porridge aka Kiam Muay

Thanks to my friend Lind for reminding me of Kiam Muay! This porridge brings back memories of kampong/ village days where my grandma would make this porridge for the family on rainy days. I improvised the porridge a little on my own using black fungus instead of shitake mushrooms since I was out of shitake mushrooms. First I stir fry the black fungus till fragrant with some dark soy sauce by itself. Next I stir fry some shallots with dried scallops/ convoy and dried shrimp. Then I cook the rice porridge and cabbage, adding ground pork and small cubes of five spiced tofu when the rice has split open and dried cuttlefish last. Finally, I stir in the black fungus, dried scallops and dried shrimp. Savoring a bowl of piping hot Kiam Muay on a cold night like that is heavenly!




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