Tumeric Tea

I had to give this tea a try after battling two weeks of cough and now a runny nose. It has a dash of turmeric powder, a dash of ginger powder, a dash of black pepper and rice milk, warmed up in microwave, then add manuka honey. Thank you to my friend Susan for teaching me how to make this tea! Verdict = Yummy!


Boiled Pear Juice with Fritillaria, Apricot Kernels, Red Dates and Rock Sugar 清炖川贝,杏仁,紅栆,李子水 加冰糖

A friend of mine from China taught me to cook this refreshing dessert for soothing my throat after weeks of coughing. My throat feels so much better today after eating this.

Braised Pork with Tofu, Beancurd Puffs and Eggs 卤肉豆腐拼盘

This braised pork dish is a one pot dish that encompassed a variety of nourishing stuff enough to make several meals. First I braised the pork with dark soy sauce, water, whole garlic and star anise seed in the crock pot on low for five hours. Next, I removed the pork and braised some hard boil eggs in it followed by the extra firm tofu and tofu puffs. It is a dish that my mom frequently cook when I was growing up and I often had this dish with rice porridge coming home from school. Thank you Mom! I miss you!



Salty Porridge aka Kiam Muay

Thanks to my friend Lind for reminding me of Kiam Muay! This porridge brings back memories of kampong/ village days where my grandma would make this porridge for the family on rainy days. I improvised the porridge a little on my own using black fungus instead of shitake mushrooms since I was out of shitake mushrooms. First I stir fry the black fungus till fragrant with some dark soy sauce by itself. Next I stir fry some shallots with dried scallops/ convoy and dried shrimp. Then I cook the rice porridge and cabbage, adding ground pork and small cubes of five spiced tofu when the rice has split open and dried cuttlefish last. Finally, I stir in the black fungus, dried scallops and dried shrimp. Savoring a bowl of piping hot Kiam Muay on a cold night like that is heavenly!



Our very own Outback Steak in the comfort of our own home

I was craving steak the other day and bought a couple of ribeye T-bone steak and store bought crab cakes. We prefer cooked veggies to salad greens so I lightly stir fry some baby spinach with garlic, olive oil and Better than Bouillon chicken seasoning. The steak is marinated with garlic powder, onion powder, ground black pepper, Lee Kum Kee Oyster sauce and a few dashes of Heinz 57 sauce. They were put on the grill with direct heat for 7 minutes per side. Turns out juicy and yummy!


Stir-fry Black Fungus with Extra Firm Tofu and Ground Pork 黑木耳炒豆腐干和肉丝

Made this dish this afternoon for our Friday church potluck. The tofu is cut and pan fried first and separate from the rest of the ingredients. The black fungus is “爆/Bao” in oil next by itself with some dark soy sauce and sesame seed oil to bring out its fragrance. Next the ground pork is stir fry with shallots dark soy sauce and a little water is added later to make some gravy. The tofu and black fungus is added back to the frying pan and stir in to absorb the soy sauce gravy. Other seasoning include my standard seasoning, that is, white ground pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. The crunchy black fungus is reminds me of pigs ears.

Cooked for an army again today!

Bon appetite!


Steamed Egg

Here’s a simple steamed egg dish with ground pork, carrots, green onion, 3 halves of salted eggs, white ground pepper, sesame seed oil, garlic powder, onion powder and a dash of light soy sauce. Popped the dish covered with aluminum foil into the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes. We brought this to the church potluck, see who gets the bonus hidden salted egg!