Stir-fry Egg Plant with Ground Pork

The picture would have look better if I had flip the egg plant over to the more yummy brown side. Again a rush photography job having a million things to do.

First I poked holes in the egg plant after cutting off the stems. Then I drizzle a little peanut oil over them and bake at 400 degrees until I hear some scary splattering sounds, so be careful opening the oven at this point. Almost set off the smoke detector. Not sure how much time passed by at this point but I am guessing 30 to 40 minutes. Take the dish out carefully after turning off the oven. Sliced the egg plant into long chunks. Stir fry the ground pork with shallots, chili bean paste separately from the egg plant. Dished up the ground pork. Add more oil to the frying pan if necessary, then pan fry the egg plant with black vinegar and more chili bean paste till caramelized or brown on one of the sides. Mixed in the ground pork. The egg plants turned out so yummy except my daughter didn’t like the vinegary taste so feel free to omit the vinegar.

Bon appetite!



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