Fried Taro Cake

This Chaozhou style taro cake is how my mom would have make it. It is as plain as I like it without dried shrimp, green onions etc. that would affect its crunchiness. Just plain old dice taro with 1/2 a bag of Thai rice flour, a rice spatula worth of sweet potato flour, some salt, five spice powder to taste and drizzle boiling water over everything while gently mixing up the flour in a square Pyrex dish. They are steamed in boiling water in a wok or steamer for an hour. The taro cake has to be allowed to cool overnight and harden in the fridge before they can be fried. I tried really hard not to let them fall apart after I cut up half the cake and save the rest in the freezer but the small bits turned into the yummy crunchy little bits later. This is a savory cake not to be mistaken for a sweet cake. Lots of carbs though.



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