Easy Rice Cooker Sweet Rice with Chicken, Chinese Sausage and Shitake Mushrooms

Seasoned thinly cut chicken breast strips with shaoxing jiu/ Chinese wine, light soy sauce, white ground pepper, ginger strips or ginger powder and sesame seed oil. Fry each ingredient separately. Soak Shitake mushrooms in hot water for fifteen minutes and save the water for cooking the sweet rice. Fry them until they are fragrant and slightly brown on both sides. Next fry the Chinese sausage. Fry the chicken breast strips with minced garlic and shallots until 90 percent cook or not pink.

Cook the sweet rice after soaking it for an hour with the appropriate amount of water under the sweet rice marking. Add in the chicken breast strips and the oil that was used to cook it onto the top of the rice in the rice cooker when the rice cooker is left with 10 minutes before done.

After the rice is done, mix in the rest of the ingredients into the rice. For more flavor and kick, fry some salted turnip till fragrant and golden brown and sprinkle them on top of this sweet rice dish.




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