Szechuan Stir-fry Beef with Celery and Carrots 四川牛肉炒酉芹和红萝卜

I call this dish my 3 flavors stir fry: sweet, spicy and sour.

2 Beef Sirloin Steak

Seasoning/ Marination for the beef:
Dry Sherry
Shaoxing Wine
Lemon Juice
Oyster Sauce
Tian Mein Jiang/Sweet Soy Bean Paste
Chili Bean Paste
White Ground Pepper
Black Ground Pepper
Ground Szechuan Pepper
Ginger powder
Corn Starch

Add later:

Method: Stir fry garlic, carrots and celery first, separately from the beef and dished up.

Stir fry beef in oil covering the frying pan until 85 percent done then add Ketchup and Honey. Mix well. When the beef is 90 percent done, turn off heat and add veggies. Mix them in well and keep stir frying for a few more seconds until beef is not looking pink. Don’t overcook the beef as the heat in the beef will continue cooking it as beef cooks fast. Dished up everything quickly into a serving dish to prevent over cooking. I forgot to stir fry half of the garlic with the beef so I garnished the dish with some raw garlic. Anyway raw garlic is supposed to be healthy. Lol! My dad would ask for a small dish of raw garlic which he adds soy sauce to for dipping whenever he goes to a Chinese restaurant back home as it is healthy to eat raw garlic. Join me!



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