Hainanese Chicken

I cooked two hainanese chicken yesterday. I have to give credit to a video I saw by kitchen tigress. She is right about not stuffing the chicken’s cavity with green onion and ginger as the chicken will not get cooked thoroughly, so I boiled the ginger and green onion with a level tablespoon of sea salt for about ten minutes before dunking in the chicken. It was brought to boil covered in a big pot for steaming minus the rack, then boiled for ten minutes, simmer on medium for another ten minutes then the flame is turned off and the chicken is left continuing cooking by itself without the burner on for 45 minutes. Best Hainanese chicken I ever made! Be sure to cut the chicken only after it has cool down over night in the fridge. Be careful cutting the chicken. I got a boo boo on my thumb this time as the blade of my knife is very sharp but sharp knives are safer than blunt knives. Have a great weekend everyone!



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