Chinese Roast Chicken

Question: What do you do if your chicken is slightly burnt?

Answer: Eat it!

Smelling so good! Can’t wait to try my first Chinese Roast Chicken for church potluck, seasoned with lemon juice, Mediterranean sea salt, dry roasted five spice powder, garlic powder, onion powder, ginger powder, ground black pepper, ground white pepper and glazed with honey. Roasted at 400 degrees Fahrenheit breast side up for 45 minutes, flip over and roast the other side for about 25 minutes then glazed with honey and continue roasting for 10 minutes, flip back to breast side up and glazed breast side with honey and roast for 5 minutes (in convection roast setting). Be sure to spray the baking pan and wire rack with PAM before placing chicken on top.

Bon appetite!





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