Vegetarian Rice Vermicelli/ Vegetarian Beehoon 斋米粉

I cooked this rice noodle dish last night and made pickled green chilli peppers to go with it this morning.

The seasoning for the rice noodles include Kikkoman light soy sauce, five spice powder and vegetable broth from cooking the veggies first.

I boiled cider vinegar and a little salt to pickled the green peppers.

Rubbing my tummy…


Soaked the beehoon briefly in cold water then blanched the beehoon quickly with hot water, pushing down the beehoon then discard the hot water immediately and lightly rinsed the beehoon with cold water. The beehoon should now be very QQ.

Don’t drain out all the water in the beehoon as it will become too dry.

Fry veggies in oil. For Buddhist vegetarian, no garlic or onions/shallots are allowed so I only seasoned the veggies/ yu choy sum with some Mediterranean Sea salt and added some water to the veggies to steam them a little. Save the broth in a measuring cup or bowl after dishing up the veggies.

For the shiitake mushrooms, soaked them for fifteen minutes in boiling water after giving them a quick rinse in cold water. Save the hot water that was soaking the mushrooms to make cornstarch slurry later.

Fry the mushrooms after slicing into slivers in oil to bring out the fragrance then add a few drops of dark soy sauce. The mushrooms will caramelized a little.

For the bamboo hearts, trimmed off and discard the ends, soaked them in cold water till puffy for a few minutes. Now, pan fry the faux char siu, dished up, then pan fry the sliced mocked duck and mocked abalone, dished up then pan fry the bamboo hearts, dished up.

Lastly, add more oil and fry the beehoon tossing it around I the oil for a few minutes, seasoned the beehoon with Chinese Five Spice powder, white ground pepper and sesame seed oil and light soy sauce. Add the veggie broth and let the beehoon soaked up the veggie broth.
Add the mushroom water/ corn starch slurry and add more water until there is some gravy in the beehoon. When the beehoon is done. Mixed the beehoon with the ingredients in a big pot, container or bowl, transferring a small portion of beehoon and a small portion of the ingredients into the big container each time until they are mixed in so there are ingredients in every layer of beehoon.

So the trick is to fry each ingredient separately then mixed in everything together at the end.


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