Egg Salad and Kaya Toast Sandwiches

Made these two types of sandwiches this morning. Kind of a East meets West combination. Kaya is a coconut and egg jam that is good on toast. Kaya toast is a popular Singapore breakfast often used to dip in half boil eggs. So these eggy waggy salad sandwiches should go well with the kaya toast.



Clam Chowder

Dinner tonight is clam chowder! I meant to boil the potatoes till the chowder thickens but I cheated adding some flour. I browned some onions in unsalted butter and mixed it into the pork broth that I saved earlier from boiling pork for my rice noodles. There are potatoes, clams, one stalk worth of chopped celery, cilantro and heavy whipped cream in the chowder. It is seasoned with white ground pepper, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and Mediterranean Sea salt. Let’s tuck in! 😉