Bean curd Skin with Corn, Barley, Ginko Nuts and Egg Dessert Soup/ Fu Zhu Yu Mi Tang


I had a bag of dried bean curd skin lying around for ages and this soup just needed to be done on my plan A this morning.

I soaked the dried bean curd sticks uncut in cold water then hot water until they were soft enough to be cut with a pair of kitchen shears.


I threw the tougher end pieces into the pot of boiling water with the corn on cob and barley first.

After the barley had softened in the cooking process, I added a can of unsalted cream corn for more flavor, Ginko nuts and sugar to taste. Lastly, I drizzled a couple of beaten eggs, pouring down a pair of chopsticks as they were being stirred in much like how you make egg flower soup.

I turned off the heat as the soup started bubbling so I didn’t overcook the egg flower.

Enjoy a soup that is chalked full of protein!




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