Tofu and ground pork


This is my mom's version of tofu and ground pork. The firm organic tofu is fried separately and the ground pork is fried with shallots.

The dish is seasoned with a splash of Kikkoman light soy sauce and a little white pepper which is optional. Sometimes I add leek to this dish.

Mom's not cooking tonight and Chicken Alfredo pizza is just awesome for a no cooking night for me.


4 thoughts on “Tofu and ground pork

  1. Funny. I actually made a tofu + ground pork stir fry the other day but used a different approach. I marinated my pork over night with soy sauce, corn starch and a bit of sugar. I fried the pork with some minced garlic then added the tofu when the pork was almost cooked. I don’t like dry meals so I added a sauce made from the marination ingredients + water to the dish 🙂 I’m from Hong Kong and that’s my mom’s version… that marination formula makes everything tastes so good! It’s like magic.

    Next time I’ll give shallots a try!

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