Salmon Soup with Pickled Szechuan Vegetables, Silken Tofu and Asian Tomatoes

We had a long salmon carcass with the head, tail, collar and spine from my last birthday party where I cooked the fillet of this whole wild salmon.

I was craving for this soup and had a hard time debating between using sour mustard or pickled Szechuan vegetables. I settled for the latter as it gives a nice, mild, spicy zing to the soup.

The secret to my fish soup is using the pork broth that was used to make twice cooked pork by boiling the pork for my Singapore Noodles in the last post.

I can never give up silken tofu, my favorite kind of tofu for soups and Mapo tofu.

The tomatoes are from the Asian market. Not sure what kind they are but they are more orangey in color. I like them in fish soup as they are more sour than regular tomatoes.

Enjoy this homestyle fish soup that I grew up eating as a kid in Singapore and I am missing my mom’s version with a big fish tail instead of salmon.






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