Yummy Kumquats


No cooking for this post, just want to share these yummy kumquats that I found at the store this week.

I hardly see them at the store since I got them the last time years ago. They were so good! Just rinse them, remove any remaining stem parts and chew them whole with skin and seeds but you can spit out the seeds if they are too bitter for you.

They are sweet, sour and tart so be prepared to make the sour lemon face! ><

My grandma would make salted kumquat syrup/咸金橘水. It's a concentrate of kumquat, sugar and salt filled in a jar and preserved anywhere for months to years, where you add water to dilute it into a drinkable solution for sore throat or whenever you feel like drinking it. Sometimes my grandma would substitute kumquat with kalamansi/ 酸杆 for making this syrup as kumquat are seasonal and hard to come by.

In Singapore, we see lots of potted kumquat plants around Chinese New Year for display as they mean good fortune/吉祥, but nobody eats them as they might have pesticides on them.

Nevertheless, it was a great afternoon munching kumquats for dessert after lunch and watching the movie "Frozen" with the kids during Spring break. I need to make some kumquat marmalade if I have enough left before they are all gone.



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