Crockpot Curry Chicken

After I discovered how fun and easy it is to make one pot meals with the crock pot, I had to try cooking curry chicken in it for the first time.

I fried the spices with meat curry powder until they were fragrant in peanut oil, doused them on the chicken thighs that have been marinated with a splash of dark soy sauce (my mom’s way). Then I added half of one fifth of a block of Japanese curry seasoning.


I was going to use yams and potatoes but ended up getting sweet potatoes instead of yams. Doh! I always got the two mixed up. Love the sweetness of yams, we will see how the sweet potatoes turn out for lunch. I was fooled into thinking that they were yams as their skins were red and somehow I kept forgetting that “Hong Shu/ 红薯” as in Red Tater in Chinese are called Yams in the US. I guess growing up in a British Colonized Asian country means being exposed to many would be misnomers in American English.

Never mind, the smell was way too good cooking the curry in the crock pot all night that it kept me up due to my sensitive nose. I will need to cook this dish again during the day.

The house now smells like curry and we can’t wait to eat it with Paratha, Rice or French bread.

Bon Appetite!



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