Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner 2013


The above dishes are what I cooked for this year’s Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner. Traditionally, Chinese Reunion Dinners are held on the eve of Chinese New Year where family members get together to celebrate Chinese New Year with symbolical dishes like fish or yu/ 魚 which stems from the pun nian nian you yu/ 年年有魚/餘. Yu/ 魚 for fish is the same sound as yu/ 餘 for abundance. nian nian you yu/ 年年有魚/餘 means having abundance every year. Being away from my own family for more than a decade for Chinese New Year, I have always included my husband’s parents and my overseas Chinese friends and their families who are like my family in this celebration every year. We had a really great time feasting on 15 different dishes including the ones above, namely: Pork Char Siew, Longevity Noodles, Black Diakon Cake with Sweet Soy Sauce, White Diakon Cake which is more savory, Nian Gao/Sticky Sweet Glutinous Rice Cake, Sweet and Sour Shrimp, Or Luak/Oyster Omellette and Baked Salmon; and peanut cookie, fa gao (a Chinese New Year cake), stuffed clams, fruit salad and roast chicken that my friends brought. I have posted some of the recipes for these dishes and will be writing up more.

Happy New Year to all! 新年快樂!

Copyright 2013 From the Kitchen of Eloise


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