Hainanese Chicken Rice and Stir-fried Chicken Liver with Green Onion and Ginger

Hainanese Chicken

Ingredients for Hainanese Chicken:

To make Hainanese Chicken, you need a stainless steel wok.

One 5 or 6 pound Organic Free Range Chicken

Mediterranean Sea Salt

2 inch knob of Ginger, peeled

2 stalks of Green Onion, cut off roots

7 cups of Boiling water

Sesame Seed oil

Chinese Rice Wine/ Shaoxing Jiu

Kikkoman Light Soy Sauce



Thaw the chicken in the fridge on a Pyrex dish for three days. Remove the chicken neck and innards from the cavity. Rinse cavity, neck and innards with cold tap water. Pat dry with paper towels.

Rub Mediterranean sea salt all over the chicken’s cavity and the chicken’s skin. Stuff the chicken cavity with two stalks of green onion and ginger.

Coat the entire chicken with sesame seed oil.

Spray the stainless steel wok with PAM to prevent the chicken from sticking to the wok.

Place chicken breast side up and pour 7 cups of boiling water into the wok or just up to 2 inches below the rim of the wok if you have a smaller wok. Bring the water to a boil by covering the wok.

Once the water starts bubbling, open the lid to check that water has come to a boil and turn down the heat to medium, cover the wok again and simmer the chicken for twenty minutes. Next, turn the heat to slightly above low, keep the wok covered and simmer for another ten minutes so that the meat will be nice and tender.

Check the temperature of the chicken with a meat thermometer. It should be at least 160 degrees before you turn off the heat.

Remove the chicken from the wok carefully onto a deep dish or Pyrex dish.

Coat the chicken with Chinese rice wine/ Shaoxing Jiu, Kikkoman light soy sauce and sesame seed oil.

Chill the chicken in the fridge, just long enough so that the meat is not too hot for cutting.

Cut the chicken with kitchen shears after it has cooled down.

Keep the broth that the chicken is poached in for making the chicken rice.

Chicken rice

Ingredients for the chicken rice:

You need a ten cup rice cooker for this.

2 inch knob of Ginger, peeled

2 big Shallots, peeled

2 whole Garlic, peeled

5 cups of Thai Jasmine Rice

Chicken Broth

1/2 can or 250 grams of Coconut Milk

4 short stalks of Pandan Leaves

2 stalks of green onion, cut off roots

1 tablespoon of Kikkoman Light Soy Sauce

Cold Water


In a food processor, mince ginger, shallots and garlic.

Give Thai Jasmine Rice 10 to 12 rinses. Pour out water and place rice in the rice cooker. Add the chicken broth from poaching the chicken up to the five cup marking for water in the rice cooker. Stir in 1 tablespoon of Kikkoman light soy sauce and the coconut milk. The marking for the amount of chicken broth in the rice cooker should correspond to the number of cups of rice you are cooking.

Add the ginger, shallots and garlic paste to the rice last, mix them well into the rice. Add pandan leaves and the two stalks of green onion to the top of the rice.

Condiments for the chicken:

Dip chicken in sweet soy sauce/ Kecap Manis, garlic flavor chilli sauce or minced ginger with sesame seed oil and salt.

Serve cut chicken with chicken rice, fresh cut tomato wedges and sliced English cucumbers seasoned with a little Kikkoman light soy sauce and a little sesame seed oil.

If you like chicken liver, you can serve this dish with chicken liver. See below for my Chicken Liver with Green Onion and Ginger recipe.

Chicken Liver with Spring Onions and Ginger

Ingredients for Stir-fried Chicken Liver with Green Onion and Ginger:

1 pound of Chicken Liver, rinse under cold water and strain in colander

1 shallot, chopped

1 garlic, chopped

1 small bunch of Spring Onions cut into 2 inch long sections

1 inch knob of ginger, peeled, sliced thin and cut into strips

1 tablespoon of Peanut Oil

1 tablespoon of Sesame Seed Oil

Chinese Rice Wine or Shaoxing Jiu

1 tablespoon of Oyster Sauce

1 tablespoon of Hoisin Sauce

1 flat tablespoon of Sugar


Heat up peanut oil and sesame seed oil in a non stick frying pan. Add shallots and garlic and stir fry until slightly brown, then add ginger and fry for a few seconds. Add chicken liver before garlic and shallots turn golden brown. Next add, oyster sauce and hoisin sauce and fry until chicken liver is mostly cooked then add spring onions and sugar and fry until chicken liver is no longer pink and slightly caramelized. Do not overcook the chicken liver as they will continue to cook after you dish them up. They should be tender and not pink but slightly juicy.

Copyright 2012 From the Kitchen of Eloise


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