Char Kway Teow/ Fried Rice Noodles with Seafood and Chinese Sausage

Char Kway Teow is a Singapore street food, traditionally fried with lard and lots of sweet soy sauce. Cockles are a must have for this dish. I always asked for extra cockles when ordering this dish. It’s a pity I can’t get fresh cockles here. The ones I used are precooked cockles. So they shouldn’t be cooked too much or they get too tough.


1 tablespoon of Peanut Oil

1 tablespoon of Lard (Optional: or substitute with another tablespoon of oil)

1 Shallot, chopped

1 Garlic, chopped

1 stick of Japanese Fish Cake, sliced thinly

4 or 5 Chinese Sausages/ Lap Cheong (Place Chinese sausage in a deep dish, soak in cold tap water for 20 minutes. Peel off casing and discard. Slice thinly diagonally)

1 pound of Peeled Shrimp

1/2 a pound of Shelled Cockles

1 packet of Dried Flat Rice Noodles, soak in hot boiled water until soft and strain

1 bunch of Chives, cut two inches off the ends

1 big handful of Green Bean Sprouts, rinse and strain

A few shakes of Sweet Soy Sauce

No more than 1 teaspoon of Molasses

Dark Soy Sauce to taste


First, fry the Japanese fish cake until crispy. Set aside. Fry Chinese Sausage until crispy. Set aside.

Lightly sautee shallots and garlic.

Add shrimp and fry till they are cooked, then add cockles just to warm them up. Dish up shrimp and cockles. Set aside with the other ingredients.

Add chives and green bean sprouts and fry till they are soft. Dish them up and and set aside.

Fry noodles till they are dry while adding sweet soy sauce and molasses.

Mix all ingredients and flat rice noodles together.

Copyright 2012 From the Kitchen of Eloise


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