A relaxing dinner at Zenon Cafe

The weather was nice yesterday evening at 82 degrees Fahrenheit. We took a leisurely stroll from where we parked in downtown to one of our favorite restaurants. Appetizers happened to be $2 off each so we decided to just order appetizers and a soup to share. We had lots of good bread, including sour dough and baguettes. My three year old chomps down the bread her favorite food.

We had a delicious meal of chicken liver pâté with a touch of cumin, manila clams with some kind of garlic, spinach, butter and white wine sauce, slightly spicy and sweet Hunan lamb ribs and a potato, bacon and cheese soup.

The weather was too nice after dinner to not go for ice cream at Prince Pucklers on campus, taking a short walk in the sun from where we parked. I shared a double scoop chocolate mandarin orange and strawberry ice cream with my daughter, whose favorite flavor is strawberry. My husband, an avid coffee lover, got his favorite french crunch, i.e. french roast coffee with crunch coffee beans.

It was one of our best dinners and night out. Thank God for sunny days!

Copyright 2012 From the Kitchen of Eloise


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