Kitchen remodeling

We spent almost a month without a kitchen, tearing out the Formica counter tops and replacing them with quartz counter tops. The first installation was not completed on time as the hardware shop made a mistake and ordered the wrong sink, i.e. a two bowl sink when we wanted a one bowl sink, so new counters needed to be cut for the new sink. We had to wait another two weeks for the re-cut living without a kitchen sink as the old sink was already ripped off.

It was almost a month and one week of living camping style, relying on the bathroom sink and using disposable plates and utensils. Fortunately, my smart hubby hooked up the dishwasher so we could still run dishes in it. After the kitchen counters were installed finally, we started refinishing some parts of the cabinets that had been worn down. I did most of the sanding while hubby was at work and he touched up the sanding, stained them and lacquered them.

We are still in the process of refinishing the rest of the cabinets section by section. It will be an all Spring and Summer project. My kitchen was finally ready to be used again on Memorial Day, this Monday.

Copyright 2012 From the Kitchen of Eloise


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