Lotus Root Soup

This is a great clear soup with herbs that have both Ying and Yang properties. The red dates and wolfberries (gezi) have Yang properties as they are more heaty and likely to raise body temperature and the Yuzhu does the opposite, helping to cool the body down. So the ingredients in this soup balance out the qi in the body by the use of both Ying and Yang herbs.


1 rack of Pork Ribs, cut in between bones trim off fats

Boiling water

2 long stems of Lotus Root, peeled and sliced

9 dried Red Dates

2 tablespoons of Wolf berries or Gezi

1 bowl of raw peanuts, give a quick rinse and soak in room temperature overnight, keep the water that the raw peanuts were soaked in

5 strips of Yuzhu

Optional Ingredients:

1/2 a dried octopus, cut into small pieces

2 dried scallops


Put ribs in a big pot, cover ribs with boiling water and bring the water to a quick boil. Turn off the heat immediately and discard water carefully, leaving the ribs in the pot. This is to clean out the blood in the bones of the ribs.

Now, add lotus root, red dates, wolf berries, raw peanuts and the water for soaking them, yuzhu, dried octopus and dried scallops to the pork ribs and add enough boiling water to completely cover everything. Omit the optional ingredients if you prefer a less fishy taste. Use boiling water instead of cold water for making the soup to ensure that the soup is clear. Bring the soup to a boil.

Then, cover the soup and simmer for 2 hours on low heat.

COPYRIGHT 2012 From the Kitchen of Eloise


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