Roast chicken thighs with roasted heirloom potatoes and broccolini

I got adventurous last weekend picked up three bunches of organic broccolini from the grocery store. I have never cooked them before but did some research and find that it wasn’t that mind boggling to cook them at all. I seasoned the organic chicken thighs with kikkoman light soy sauce, ground white pepper and sesame seed oil, then popped them into the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour and fifteen minutes in a Pyrex dish, meat was almost falling off the bones, yumm, licked my fingers. For the potatoes, I seasoned them with garlic salt, onion powder, a bold splash of curry powder and some dried parsley then popped them into the oven for 400 degrees for an hour with the chicken thighs. I gave the broccolini a quick boil after cutting off the stems right where they snap apart like asparagus when you bend them. Then I tossed then in the frying pan with butter and garlic. Bon appetite!


Baby Bok Choy with Tofu and Fish Balls Soup 小白菜豆腐画丸汤

Made another pot of soup for our Friday night church potluck. It has soy beans that have been presoaked over night, dried baby anchovies, baby bok choy, silken tofu, fish balls, 1 teaspoon of bonito extract, 1 tablespoon of miso paste, olive oil, sesame seed, peanut oil, ground white pepper and ground black pepper, enough for a village!


Simple Braised Easter Eggs

I have never bought and shell so many eggs my whole life. Brought about fifty four braised chicken eggs to our church potluck last Friday as I thought it was a good idea since Easter was two days away. A few fell apart, guess who ate them? Lol. 

I simply hard boil the eggs, soaked them in cold water for easy shelling and rolled them in dark soy sauce, five spice powder and sesame seed oil. Makes for easy braising and ready to eat minus the shell. They looked like marbled eggs. Church friends cut them into half so there was more to share. It was all gone at the end of the day. Thank you Jesus for this day!

Easter Chicken Soup with Eggs, Button Mushrooms and White Fungus

Cooked a big pot of chicken soup yesterday with chicken breast, eggs, button mushrooms and white fungus. I prefer to use skinless chicken drumsticks for this soup but I had to use the chicken breast on hand. Makes for a good Easter soup and plenty of leftovers for the rest of the week. This recipe was handed down to me by my mom. Thank you Jesus! Because He lives!


Crockpot Curry Chicken, Shrimp and Okra, and Easy Steamed Siu Mai

I haven’t been too motivated to cook in the past two weeks as Singaporeans mourn the loss of our beloved founding father Mr. Lee Kwan Yew. Felt a sense of relieve after his funeral as he is finally with his wife. RIP Mr. Lee.

Here are some of the more recent food I cooked:




My simple siu mai this time round did not have bamboo shoots or black fungus. They were steamed for only ten minutes. Went well with white Thai jasmine rice. 

Vodka Lime Roast Chicken and Rice

It was a good day to stay in and roast a chicken on an overcast rainy day.

The chicken is seasoned with:

Spashes of lime juice, lemon juice, vodka, kikkoman light soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, ground white pepper and ground black pepper. Honey is added at the end.

Refer to my Chinese Roast Chicken link for roasting directions:

The juices collected at the bottom of my pan were added to the rice cooker with a few drops of Pandan paste to cook Thai jasmine rice. The green vodka lime rice is fit for St. Patty’s Day. Let’s tuck in!



Lotus Root and Peanut Soup 花生莲藕汤

The weather is getting warmer and nice, we are starting to see lotus root at the Asian grocery stores. I brought the spare ribs to a quick boil with boiling water and discarded the water to get rid of the bloody impurities. After that it is just adding all of the ingredients except red dates, goji berries and Yu Zhu/ 玉竹/ Solomon’s Seal Rhizome. After bringing the soup to another quick boil, I turned down the heat and let it simmer for twenty minutes before adding the rest of the ingredients/ Chinese herbs. The soup was left to simmer for about an hour on low until the meat almost falls off the bones. This is a great Summer clear soup that can bring down body heat as the Solomon’s Seal is cooling in nature while the red dates and goji berries balance out the Ying and the Yang as they are good for the qi. Yum tong!



Seaweed, Tofu, Egg Flower Soup with Tomatoes

I have been craving for seaweed soup and egg flower soup, so I combined the two together with cubed silken tofu, heirloom tomatoes and ground pork meat balls. The meat balls were flavored with dong cai, ground white pepper, ground black pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. A dash of sesame seed oil is added to the egg mixture before stirring it into the soup with a pair of bamboo chopsticks. The soup is further seasoned with a teaspoon of bonito extract, a teaspoon of ginger powder, a few shakes of dried parsley and a dash of Shaoxing Chinese rice wine. Voila, we have soup! A very Ying and Yang looking soup! P/S: Threw in some red dates and goji berries at the last minute.

Soup in varying stages: